Focus on your goal until you succeed! Sounds familiar? If you have consumed self-help materials like me, you are certainly familiar with this advice. But how much focus on success is appropriate? Sustained focus on achievement despite all its advantages, if unbridled, may cause more harm than good. In this article, I share how to avoid reaching a goal while creating chaos in other aspects of your life.

Chase Your Goals and Cherish the Present Moment

A life of happiness, meaning, and joy is only achievable when we harmonize our every day with our idealized future. No one can attain success if they are always in the present or concentrating excessively on their goals. Those who live life without a goal are usually complacent, bored, and unhappy, while those who focus unduly on the future can’t appreciate intermittent achievements, and are inflexible and unfulfilled. A fulfilling, rich, and successful life happens when we take actions today that align with the future, which is the realm of our heart’s most cherished dreams. Therefore, we must keep our eyes on the prize while enjoying the present moment.

Cherish Your Personal Connections

Imagine reaching your goal only to realize you have alienated friends and family. How would you feel? The quality of the connections you make transcends the achievement of any lofty goal. For example, scientists have proven that social connections can improve our well-being and level of happiness. Neuroscientists, using magnetic resonance imaging, have shown that our brain releases dopamine and oxytocin when we socialize. These findings are in line with Aristotle’s observation that we are “social animals.” Therefore, if you aspire to reach genuine success, avoid postponing your relationships while working toward your goals.

Practice Self-Care

What’s the use of making a million dollars only to spend it on medical bills? The relentless drive to overachieve causes many to sacrifice their health and personal well-being. Many of my clients agree they are fully aware of the importance of personal quality time, but they just can’t make it a priority. How can anyone get golden eggs while disregarding the goose? Take care of yourself because your health is your most reliable vehicle to sustainable success.

Maintain Your Personal Integrity and Reputation

Personal integrity is even more crucial nowadays. Many people believe they must achieve success at all costs. They go to great lengths and often compromise their own integrity. They confuse ambition and greed. When we demand so much that we jeopardize our health, dismiss life’s blessings, deceive others… We aren’t exercising ambition, but greed. The golden rule is to chase success—whatever it means to you—while playing by high moral and ethical standards.


May this article reminds you to define success more holistically. Don’t let the never-ending pursuit of material success hurt your health, relationships, and personal integrity. Success is more of a lifestyle than a final destination.