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With 2 years of blogging experience, 80 published articles, hundreds of thousands of impressions and a powerful presence on Google SERP, I am proud to announce that I am accepting guest posts on Bachir Bastien.

I never considered allowing guest posts on Bachir Bastien, but given the increasing number of bloggers who have asked, I was compelled to reconsider my position. If allowing others to share a post on Bachir Bastien can help a blogger reach a wider audience, why not?

In order to create the high-quality contents that my readers expect, I am sharing the rules I abide by and that I want anyone who shares a post on my blog to follow.


  • The article must be original, unique, and should address a specific problem. The format in which you write the article doesn’t matter as long as it solves the reader’s problem in an innovative way.
  • The article should be completely free of self-promotion. When a blogger submits an article, I will request that they eliminate any promotional links or other materials in the article, or I will do it for them if we both agree to publish the article in Bachir Bastien.
  • The article must not contain any religious, political, and sexual materials.
  • The article must differ from articles already published in Bachir Bastien. In order to provide original contents to my reader and maintain my presence on Google, I cannot accept any duplicate materials.
  • The article must match the three major themes of my website, namely, personal development, leadership, and communication. I also welcome articles on life coaching.
  • Keep the article under 1400 words.

Before Submitting Your Script, Please:

  • Check your article for punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, style errors.
  • Make sure your article has not been published anywhere else.

N. B: If, after a certain amount of time, you decide to publish your article elsewhere, let me know and I will remove it from my platform.

  • Make sure you quote third parties’ material properly. I may ask for the sources if I deem it necessary. Don’t plagiarize!
  • Provide clear illustrations, photographs, drawing, charts & graphs artwork to explain your article. Submissions must be high resolution, 300 DPI, be in JPEG format and no larger than 0.5 MB in size.
  • Submit captions and alt text with your file with no more than 10 words.
  • Ensure that the photos you submit are acquired from legitimate stock or specialized providers and not infringing on any copyright laws.
  • Incorporate headings and subheadings to organize your article and make it easier to transition between ideas. Use upper and lower case, sentence style, in subheads.
  • Write clearly and concisely. The fewer words, the better.
  • Use italics only where appropriate.
  • Use United States spelling standards.

How to Submit Your Article

  • Submit your article here: Paste the content of the article in the message body.
  • Send me a short bio with no more than 50 words with links to your social media accounts and WordPress blog if you possess one.

After you submit your article, I will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your work. I will go over the article and if it’s a good fit, I will contact you to inform you that your article has been accepted. Once you have agreed to publish your article on my platform, I will review and revise your article with your approval before I publish.


  • Bachir Bastien accepts articles for publication on the condition that they are contributed exclusively to him.
  • I reserve the right to edit all reader contributions for clarity, grammatical accuracy, logic, or length. Changes (sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, lengths) will be made at my discretion.
  • Only submit your article if you are certain if solves a problem in a unique, engaging, and effective way.
  • I can only accept 5 articles per month. I want to give my readers enough time to assimilate an article before publishing another.

How Much Does It Cost to Have My Article Featured on Bachir Bastien?

You may wonder why charging you a fee for publishing an article on my platform. You have every right to. Let me give the two key reasons I ask for a fee for sharing an article. First, because when you share an article on Bachir Bastien, you become a partner. And partners support each other. To publish each article, I use two premium spell checkers, one headline analyzer. I am also on a pro WordPress plan, and sometimes I request the help of independent editors. These services require some sort of financial outlays. To help cover those costs, I ask you for a small contribution.

Second, if you have been using the WordPress reader, you may notice some bloggers with thousands of subscribers count single-digits likes on their posts. On Bachir Bastien, with around 1000 subscribers, you can expect at least 100 likes and dozens of comments on each post. My beloved readers are highly engaged with my posts and that is why I will never stop trying to bring them high-quality contents. With over 20 of my posts currently available on Google SERP, I will edit your article in order to increase its chances of being ranked on Google’s top ten results.

You can see for yourself. These are a handful of my posts that constantly rank on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

For these two reasons, I am requesting a minimum of 12 USD per post (meaning you can contribute more if you want). Once we have mutually agreed to get your post featured on Bachir Bastien, I will send my PayPal account where you can wire your generous contribution.

I look forward to receiving your article.

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