14 pieces of wood making up the word if not now, when.

You Want to Take Action? Remove All Expectations

Do you have a dream you have been putting off? For many, taking the first step toward our goal can be daunting. Your expectations could be the reasons for your procrastination. To act on your vision, align your actions and the desired result, and forget about the outcomes. For example, you’re not getting on the highway to impress your friends or dodge accidents, but to drive. To get started on your business idea, shirk common success measures, such as profits or customer satisfaction, and start. When you remove expectations, you act for its own sake. We’re all afraid of rejection, but when our undertaking is its own reward, fear of failure can’t stop us. Dismissing all expectations will enable you to seize the day while dreaming of a brighter tomorrow. That’s the meaning of Nike’s catchphrase, “Just do it!”

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