Stressed out and feeling low on mental energy lately? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with these 5 simple steps to get back to feelin’ good again.

Mental readiness is the ability to cope with the demands and challenges of daily life, but sometimes, even your most mentally prepared self can hit a rough patch. When your mental readiness is low, it can feel like nothing is going right, and it’s hard to find the motivation to keep going. But, don’t worry, it’s possible to save the day, even when your mental readiness is at its lowest.

  1. Own Your Emotions: First things first. It’s important to understand why you’re feeling the way you do. Take a step back and embrace your emotions without judging them. Write them, speak them, video them – whatever feels best to you will do the job.
  2. Self-Care is Key: When your mental readiness is low, self-care is a must. Find an activity that helps you relax: exercise, meditation, journaling, or a long warm bath. It will signal to your‌ body that you are paying attention to its cues.
  3. Reach Out and Connect: Don’t face this alone! Reach out to a friend, family member, or professional for support. Talking to someone can give you a new perspective and make you feel less isolated. If there’s no one around, practice self-talk with one of the free voice-journaling apps available online.
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  1. Timeout: Sometimes, when our mental readiness is low, it’s a sign that we need a break. Give yourself permission to step back from your responsibilities, whether it’s work, school, or social obligations. Once refreshed, you will catch up in no time, rather than to struggle through the day with half-assed outcomes.
  2. Gratitude is the Attitude: When your mental readiness is low, it’s easy to get stuck in negative thoughts. Practice gratitude by making a list of things you’re thankful for, no matter how small. This will help you focus on the positives.
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So, there you have it! Feeling mentally drained can happen, but it doesn’t have to last forever. By following at least one of the above strategies, you’ll be feeling like yourself again in no time. And remember, it’s okay to not be okay! Asking for help is never a sign of weakness.

Guest post by Karin Andrea Stephan

Entrepreneur, Community Leader & Mentor with a background in Music, Psychology, Digital Mgmt & Transformation. Co-founder of the Music Factory and Earkick. Life-long learner with a passion for people, sports, and mental health.

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