Occasionally doubting ourselves can help us perform better, make us more humble, and motivate us to give our best. However, without proper control, self-doubt can ruin our productivity, destroy our relationships, and sabotage our life. Here are three approaches to keep self-doubt to a healthy level.

First, use the “what if” method. Self-doubt always carries with it a flurry of negative thoughts. Use the “what if” method to balance the undesirable thoughts. For example: What if I wasn’t a failure? What if I worked harder to reach my dreams? These are effective questions that can help put in perspective the one-sided thoughts that characterize self-doubt.

Second, leave the negative emotions that accompany self-doubt alone. Our pessimistic view of the adverse emotions we experience when we doubt ourselves usually compounds its destructive effects. Thus, embrace self-doubt without blaming and whining and remind yourself, they too, shall pass.

Third, just get to work. It’s more difficult to harbour negative thoughts when you are busy working on yourself. So, start investing in yourself more. Self-care activities such as reading, exercising, meditating will go a long way. Remember, the goal isn’t to banish self-doubt, but to tame it and use it as fuel for improved performance.