Are you experiencing a painful breakup? Ending a romantic relationship after one month or ten years, for the first or tenth time, is distressing.

Some people heal quickly, some slowly, and still others commit despicable acts against themselves or their partner.

There are strategies anyone can use to navigate those difficult times. After going through four painful breakups (excluding the minor ones) and assisting many through their own, I have developed five unique ways to help anybody get over their exes.

If you are ready to move on, this article will prove immensely helpful.

Embrace and Process the Negative Emotions

People go to great lengths to deal with breakups. Whether it’s rebound sex, alcohol, smoking, people will stop at nothing, just fill the void created by the split from a partner.

I know from experience that those highs are a flash in the pan… The immediate pleasure they create isn’t only fugacious, they can also lead to permanent emotional strains to all parties involved. Don’t dodge the pain. Don’t hold back adverse emotional reactions such as tears, the urge to vent or even smash objects (get a sandbag).

Whether you find a trusted pal, a coach, or a counselor, don’t shy away from unloading your mental baggage. Facing those painful states will render them insignificant more quickly than otherwise.

Invest in Yourself

Processing negative emotions after a separation makes it hard to practise self-care. Instead of chasing temporary and short-lived pleasures, commit yourself to those habits that build you. Exercising, reading, or meditating, among others, may feel unappealing, but they’ll improve your self-esteem, which in return, will speed up the healing process.

Learn from the Breakup

Our life experiences, positive or negative, always carry a lesson, and a breakup is no different. Ask yourself: What can I get from this breakup? This simple question has allowed me to uncover lots of destructive behaviors that made me an undesirable partner after my painful breakup in 2016.

Since then, I have learned to be a more caring, less choleric, and more accepting person. These lessons helped not only me in my subsequent relationships, but they proved beneficial in every other aspect of my life.

You Will Find Another One

Most of us are trapped in a state of despair after a breakup because we can’t imagine our lives without our ex. Leave the cave now! No matter how glamorous the relationship was, remember there’s someone better out there. Being trapped in the memory of a past romance won’t bring your future soulmate.

Don’t Rush into Another Relationship

To fill the emptiness created by the absence of a partner, many people hop immediately into a fresh relationship. That’s a colossal mistake. Starting dating again without closure will unleash the vicious cycle of misery and breakup that people can’t escape. Process the relation and don’t start another romance until you have learned to spend time alone.


What will you add? How have you recovered from a breakup? Share in the comments section and let the discussion begin.