Let’s face it, some jobs are just boring (or at least partially). But finding meaning in a dull job is not impossible. If you are stuck in a job that is monotonous, you can still find meaning in it by uncovering your reason for doing it. One way to find meaning in a job that isn’t dynamic is to question your motive and to frame your answer based on the impact you make on the people you serve. For example, a lifeguard (no offense to lifeguards around the world) at a local pool might say, “I sit here to save lives.” Even when a lifeguard spends the majority of their time simply looking at people swimming, a single rescue can help them discover how meaningful their job is. One caveat, though, avoid using selfish reasons, for example, “I do this job to earn money.” Even if those are powerful motivators, they are usually not what we think about when we think of a meaningful job.

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