It’s okay to be sad. Sadness is the high road to character-building.

It’s okay to be wrong. Being right strengthens self-confidence. Being wrong keeps us humble. We need both to live meaningfully.

It’s okay to not have goals in life. While goals are important for a life of happiness, meaning, and purpose, they can create undue expectations that can deprive us of our peace of mind.

It’s okay to fail. As much as most people would hate to admit it, failure is life’s greatest teacher.

It’s okay to love and not be loved. Why wait for someone’s love? Keep loving, it’s too taxing not to.

It’s okay to be afraid. I don’t know any better way to build courage!

It’s okay to have weaknesses. We all have them! They make us who we are. They add dimensions to life.

It’s okay to be single at 35. Many people are in relationships that they wish they weren’t in.

It’s okay to be uncertain. Life can be exciting when anything is possible.

It’s okay to feel lost… Who knows what gold mine you may discover while finding your way?

It’s okay to be different. Embrace your uniqueness. How dull would life be if we were all the same?

It’s okay to not be popular. Some popular folks would pay an arm and leg to do away with self-centeredness, lack of self-confidence, and ruthlessness that usually accompany being the center of attention.

It’s okay to be slow. The slow and steady wins the race.

It’s okay to not be rich. We came here naked. We will leave empty-handed!

It’s okay to not be fashionable.

It’s okay to be 50 years old and divorced. Being divorced in one’s golden age could be a unique opportunity to harness one’s solitary times to create value for society.

It’s okay to be a single parent.

It’s okay to be alone. It’s better to be alone than to spend time with the wrong people.

It’s okay to be an introvert. Extroverts have their own challenges to overcome.

It’s okay to be average. Yes, one can be average and still lead a meaningful, fuller, and happy life.

It’s okay to be you!


There are a thousand potential ways you could be doubting yourself right now… What if you reminded yourself it was okay? While I value continuous self-improvement, I am also aware of how it can rob us of our joie de vivre. May this unusual article give you some joy no matter how unsatisfied you may be with your life right now.

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