Blogging has long been a popular medium for individuals and businesses to share their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives. However, the meteoric rise of artificial intelligence (AI) language models like Chat GPT, Google’s Bard, worry content creators about the future of blogging. Will Chat GPT make blogging irrelevant? Is there still a place for human ingenuity and expertise in the world of content creation? My answer to those pertinent questions is a resounding no. Neither Chat GPT nor any other AI language model will eclipse blogging’s importance (at least not in the foreseeable future). Let’s explore three simple reasons this is the case.

First, AI language models don’t possess the same creative abilities humans have to create engaging blog posts. Blogging goes beyond simply writing content that matches a certain set of criteria or keywords. It’s about expressing your unique perspective, providing valuable insights, and building relationships with your readers. Humans can produce entirely new concepts by drawing on their cultural, social, and personal factors, whereas AI models generate novel outputs based on patterns and data from past human creations. Obviously, human’s imagination has its limitations, but we still have the upper hand.

Second, writing a blog post allows for a level of personalization that AI language models cannot replicate. Readers are often drawn to blogs because of the personality and authenticity of the blogger. Ninety percent of the content I create here result from personal experience and that’s the same for every content creator. Harnessing our unique perspective on things that happen around us helps us create content that others, much less Chat GPT, can’t duplicate.

Third, we are more flexible and adaptable as compared to AI. The vast amounts of data that AI is trained on gives it remarkable capabilities in many fields, outperforming humans in many tasks, but they can’t match human adaptability. We can swiftly adapt to new situations, learn from limited data, and apply our knowledge across various domains, with a deeper understanding and contextual awareness than AI.


Whether you’re a blogger, content creator, or just interested in the future of content creation, don’t be put off by the advancement of Chat GPT. Instead, see it as a tool to turbo charge your creativity and boost your productivity. As with any technological advances, AI is here to support the work we do. Use it to your advantage!

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