Reasons for Hiring a Coach

There are many reasons to hire a coach. Many times, clients seek our help because they need someone they trust who can challenge their limiting beliefs, listen without judging, support them in reaching their goals. As a coach, and a client myself, I think listening is the most important skill a coach brings to the table. An ICF-trained coach undergoes rigorous training where they learn to recognize their bias, refrain from providing answers, and provide their full attention to their clients. Today, I’m more grateful to those who’ve listened to me than those who’ve advised me during the challenging periods of my life.

Difference Between a Mentor and a Coach

Yes, you can hire a mentor. I have worked with many! Both a mentor and a coach are effective ways to help you get unstuck, move past doubts, and grow. While a mentor may provide you with existing methods they’ve followed to success, a coach allows you to find your own method to reach your goals. Here is an important article published on Forbes you can read for a deeper understanding of the benefits of life coaching.

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