Clients hire a life coach when they want maximum control of how they reach their goals. Unlike other wellness professionals, life coaches listen without judging, challenge their clients, and support their clients in reaching their goals. The autonomy clients have on how they design solutions to their problems and the openness to step into the unknown make life coaching a wildly sought-after service. Often, what one needs is not a ready-made solution to their problems, but a thought-provoking question that can provide clarity and lead them to the outcomes that best match their unique circumstance. As a coach, and a client myself, I think listening is the most important skill a coach brings to the table. An ICF-trained coach undergoes rigorous training where they learn to recognize their bias, refrain from providing answers, and provide their full attention to their clients. Today, I’m more grateful to those who’ve listened to me than those who’ve advised me during the challenging periods of my life.