Do you always feel like having more tasks than there’s time to complete? If you struggle to get things done, you’re not alone. While we can’t multiply time (how great would that be?), we can learn some time management hacks to maximize productivity.


The primary reason most feel overwhelmed and stressed is because of a lack of priority. You have twenty items on your to-do list, but are they all equally important? Constantly trying to complete tasks without prioritizing brings unnecessary stress and anxiety. Start by determining the tasks to do, dump, defer, and delegate. The bottom line is to never start your day without a coherent plan for your essential activities. We live in a society where “busy being busy” is the norm. That state of constant activity gives us the impression that time is never enough. Sparing ten minutes preparing for the following day each evening, and for the upcoming week, each Sunday will save you hours in execution, frustration, and exhaustion.

Minimize Distractions

There can’t be productivity without the ability to focus and resist distractions. First, be honest with yourself – and others – about what you can commit to. Second, set a time to read and respond to emails, put your phone aside and concentrate on one task at once. Carrying out your plan today isn’t only rewarding, but also clears the path for a more productive tomorrow.

Be Flexible

While it’s crucial to prioritize and minimize distractions, we must also build flexibility in our plans. That way, we can deal with any unwelcome surprises and not harm our plan. They say one never arranges enough to beat changes, therefore a little flexibility is critical to one’s time management strategy.

Take Strategic Breaks

One mustn’t trade productivity with their mental and physical health. Always spare time to disconnect and recharge. It’s critical that you take breaks long enough to allow you to rejuvenate and short enough to prevent you from having to bite off more than you can chew once back at work. Often, the feeling of not being in control is the root cause of strain and burnout.

Time is your most precious resource, and it’s running out. Use it wisely!

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