“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” 

Benjamin Disraeli

The Setback

My first speech on May 20, 2017, had twelve participants, including myself. One attendee asked: “Are you disappointed?” To which I replied: “This is just a start. I will do better next time.” I am not sure I knew it then, but now I know what it means to always remind ourselves that failure is never final.

The Story We Tell Ourselves Makes All the Difference

People usually set audacious goals, but their inner story keeps them from taking even the first step. I recall a smart and driven client I advised about three years ago. She had a clear picture of her future, yet she kept putting herself down. Her narrative was her biggest barrier to her goal. How many people let their inner dialogues paralyze them? If there’s something you get from this article, let it be this: we can do more than we think we can. I may have spoken to an audience of 11 in 2017, but now I speak to thousands. I never failed to remind myself that the best was yet to come. You should, too!

You Can Influence Your Experience by Changing Your Story

Everything about you now may feel like a failure, but it doesn’t reflect who you are becoming. Keep reminding yourself that there are brighter days ahead. My experience of speaking to a crowd of eleven is a stark example of how the story we tell ourselves can take us from what seems a failure to massive success. I may not have been able to attract a large audience, but I had the choice to keep reminding myself that talking to a small crowd doesn’t make me a failure.


This story should remind you that just as I have overcome self-doubt and have transformed adversities into opportunities, so can anyone with a willing heart. I hope you enjoyed this article as I have enjoyed every second spent writing it.