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How Do I Stop Wasting My Time?

According to 2021 statistics, the average individual spends about 145 minutes on social media up from 90 minutes in 2012. This upward trend is not going away soon. With so many time management resources, why do we waste so much time?

So Many Choices, So Little Time

We live in a world of endless choices. Only two decades ago, answering or writing emails would have required reaching a place with a computer. However, the proliferation, affordability of smart devices, and the internet have enabled us to be reachable anywhere, anytime. That constant connection has created enormous time management challenges.

My time spent helping clients with time management challenges has made me realize that people waste time primarily because of a lack of priority. A dearth of priority causes people to confuse activity and productivity. Completing tasks as they arrive is a surefire way to anxiety, burnout, and stress. To improve your productivity, you must learn to plan effectively and unplug strategically. In this article, I show how to get things done without harming your well-being and relationships with loved ones.

First Thing First: Start with a Plan

When you plan, you decide what to finish, discard, postpone, and delegate. Brian Tracy, time-management guru, states that one minute of planning will save you ten minutes in execution. You need not be an economics student to know that it is a 1000 percent return on your time.

Many people are stuck responding to an influx of never-ending tasks competing for their attention. When you plan, you take control of what gets your attention. For instance, you set a specific time to respond to emails. If have control over what gets your attention, you risk to always have to bite off more than you chew.

Plan for Contingencies

The next logical step is to carry out your plan. Isn’t it true that “one never arranges enough to beat changes?” Yes, and that’s why it’s important to build flexibility in your planning. Don’t fill your entire day with activities. Leave aside some spare some time for unexpected occurrences. Finally, I would advise you to make weekly plans as it allows you to maneuver should you miss your target.

Take Breaks Strategically

I recommend you spend part of your time and energy relaxing. Often, we get caught up in the busyness of life with no time for ourselves. Strategic breaks are long enough to unplug and recharge and short enough to allow you to get back to work without having to deal with loads of unfinished tasks. If you have never given yourself time to unplug, now it’s time to start. Your health is your wealth, so protect it!

How are you going to make better use of your time?

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